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Useful Downloads:

PA Department of Health Information for Dads (Download)

This handout contains information, advice and tips about being a new dad that will help you to find your place within the breastfeeding triad.



Input - Output Log (Download)

This log will help you track your infant's intake, wet diapers and poopy diapers during the first week after birth. Keeping this diary is a great way to make sure everything is normal with your infant's consumption and digestion patterns. Learn more.



How to Set Up a Nursing Nook (Download)

This checklist will give you ideas about how to create a special place in your house for breastfeeding. This will help your partner feel comfortable and relaxed during feedings. Learn more.



Help from Friends and Family Checklist (Download)

When family and friends ask for help, take it! Here are some specific ideas for tasks you can delegate to willing helpers. Learn more.



Growth Tracking Tool (Download)

This excel file will help you to track your infant's weight and length growth from birth to one year. You can also see how your infant compares to the new international growth standards for breastfed infants. Learn more.




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