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For most positions, your partner should be sitting on a comfortable sofa or chair with a straight back and substantial arm rests. Placing a pillow underneath your infant, underneath your partner's arms, and behind your partner's lower back can help to better support and position both your partner and your infant.




  • Your infant's head should be resting on your partner's forearm.
  • Your infant's top shoulder and hip should be aligned.
  • Your partner can place her arm along your infant's back, using her hand to support your infant's lower body and keep your infant aligned.
  • Your partner's other hand can be placed along your infant's neck, to add extra support, but do not hold your infant's head.




  • This position is similar to the cradle, but your partner should switch her hand position.
  • Your partner should support your infant's head by holding the neck, placing her index finger at one ear and thumb at the other; she should not hold the back of his head.
  • Your partner's other hand can add extra support to your infant's back.




  • Your partner should be positioned so there is enough room for your infant to lie beside her.
  • She should hold your infant along his back and neck.
  • Your infant will be tucked under your partner’s arm with his feet sticking out the back of the crook of her arm.
  • Your infant's head should come at the nipple from the back-side of the breast.
  • Your infant's chin should be positioned along the outer side, or possibly even the underside, of the breast.
  • This position works well for large breasted women.




  • Your partner should lay on her side on a bed.
  • Pillows can be placed in front of and behind your partner, as well as under her head, for extra support.
  • Your infant should lie facing your partner and should be supported so he is also on his side.
  • This position is useful for night feedings, when your partner would like to relax or doze while your infant feeds.


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